As partners, managing directors and supervisory board members, we have turned the company originally founded by us, Hansgrohe SE, into a global player in the sanitary fittings industry. Values such as an uncompromising commitment to quality, long-term entrepreneurial thinking, and the fair, supportive, and appreciative treatment of employees and business partners have been, and always shall be, the essential pillars of our success.





Hansgrohe is one of the most successful and innovative German companies to have been actively shaped by its founding family. In the course of its more than 100-year history, our family has taken the company from being a regional SME to an internationally operating group with revenues now in the billions. There are very few other families which, over generations, have been so influential in modeling the entire lifecycle of a successful company – with all the challenges that entails. The family’s capital and its wealth of entrepreneurial experience have now been consolidated under the roof of Syngroh Capital with a view to leveraging this considerable experience to the benefit of other companies in which the family decides to acquire an interest.

Our chosen motto - “Where values grow” - is an expression of our conviction that true economic value can grow consistently and sustainably only in instances in which a values-based attitude – towards employees, customers, suppliers, and society – prevails.





Growth that endures is about more than just boosting sales. Which is why Syngroh not only makes capital available to companies but, above all, provides comprehensive values-oriented experience designed to promote corporate growth – whether this be for expanding company structures, internationalizing marketing and sales, innovation management, or leadership and human resources. In all of these areas we ourselves, as entrepreneurs, have collectively and successfully tackled challenges from the most varied of perspectives.

Marketing and sales

Innovation management



Personnel development


Growth requires space, time, and the right support. That is why Syngroh considers itself to be an aware adviser that recognizes trends and identifies flows, and is thus able to incorporate these into corporate planning and activities at an early stage in the development curve. This makes Syngroh a key partner for entrepreneurs and companies keen to meet ambitious objectives – a partner, in other words, that provides dependable support to promote steady and healthy growth while preserving established values.







Values are precisely what we value. We are therefore seeking opportunities for participation in SMEs with compelling product and service industry ideas and fire in their entrepreneurial belly – irrespective of the sector within which they are active. We are the ideal partner for you if you wish to generate and maintain growth with long-term strategies and a values-driven attitude towards employees, customers, suppliers, and society.


We seek majority stakes in companies whose products or service offerings have significant growth potential, whose headquarters are ideally based in a German-speaking country, and whose enterprise value is between EUR 10 - 50 million. Larger transactions or investments are generally also conceivable, as are minority shareholdings.


We focus on succession solutions, supporting change and internationalization processes, as well as demergers of corporate segments that no longer form part of a company’s core business.


For each individual corporate situation we design an appropriate financing solution that meets the current needs of the company whilst enabling flexible reaction to unforeseen developments. For this purpose, Syngroh Capital also provides supplementary financing solutions, such as mezzanine capital, wherever this might be necessary.



Syngroh consists of three companies:


The shares that the Grohe family hold in Hansgrohe SE have been consolidated in Syngroh Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH since 1999. Syngroh Capital GmbH and the associated Syngroh Advisory GmbH were founded in 2017 to enable the family to make further direct entrepreneurial investments.


Syngroh Capital GmbH decides on the acquisition and sale of companies, investing the capital of Syngroh GmbH and deriving income from its shareholdings.


Syngroh Advisory GmbH mainly undertakes planning and advisory tasks. It identifies, examines and selects companies considered to be attractive investments. After an investment decision has been made, it manages and develops the investments with a team of experts with a proven track record in finance and operative management – thus leading the company to the next level of growth.


This company structure allows the Grohe family to pass on its entrepreneurial experience to the enterprises/companies in which it has invested. The family members thus stand for long-term participation strategies aligned around sustainable growth. At the same time, additional skills can be integrated in the consulting work and operative business via the two subsidiary companies.






As entrepreneurs, the members of the Grohe family have together successfully mastered challenges from the most varied of perspectives. The family members bring this wealth of experience to other companies in which the family invests in.

Klaus Grohe
As the consummate entrepreneur, Klaus Grohe led Hansgrohe from sales of EUR 35 million to its current level of EUR 1 billion. His core competences lie in innovation and the ability to create a cultural environment in which people, senior executives, and employees become independent creative entrepreneurs.

For this achievement, Klaus Grohe was awarded the German Founder's Prize in the Lifetime Achievement category in 2022:

Picture: Dirk Bruniecki for German Founder's Prize

Richard Grohe
Richard Grohe oversaw the development of a Hansgrohe subsidiary in France (sales and production), taking it from zero to 160 employees. For more than a decade, he also headed up the Innovation Department and, through the executive board of Hansgrohe, stewardship of the Hansgrohe brand. During this time, he was also responsible for 17 European subsidiaries of highly diverse size (revenues of EUR 5 - 100 million). His core competence lies in process development and organization.

Philippe Grohe
Philippe Grohe built up the Axor brand for Hansgrohe over a period of almost 20 years, and specializes in the upscale segment. Under his design supervision, Hansgrohe has become an internationally acknowledged design leader. A man excellently networked within the global design and architect community, Philippe’s specialist competence lies in design and communication.

Pierre Nicolas Grohe
Pierre-Nicolas Grohe has worked in sales and production at the Hansgrohe subsidiary in Atlanta, where sales passed the USD 100 million mark while he was at the company helm. He also manages the family winery, Domaine La Louvière, which he has developed into an organic wine estate. He also heads several companies that he himself set up, and is therefore very conversant with the concerns and needs of the start-up scene. He is an expert in sales and internationalization, most especially with regard to the expansion of international sales structures.

Jan Nikolas Grohe
Jan Nikolas Grohe actively manages the assets of Syngroh Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH and is a board member of the Private Client Bank in Zürich. His core competence is in finance.



“Values are created wherever the short term
does not dominate the longer term,
the long term does not restrain the short term,
and one remains in control of both.”

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